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These are Canned Messages

What is A Canned Response?
A canned response is a predefined answer to a frequently asked question. Mostly used for customer queries to give a quick reply to a question. They can be used in emails, online chats, and messages.

Using such responses keeps your customers satisfied and engaged in the process, which is always the main goal for any business. If your customer has a question and receives no response, they’re unlikely to follow through with the purchase.

Using predefined responses gives the chance to continue a conversation and get the ball rolling quickly! The benefits of using canned responses are speeding up the conversation, increasing customer satisfaction, solving problems quickly, and increasing overall customer engagement.

Does this sound like something your business needs to use? Keep reading to learn more about canned responses.

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How to Start Using Canned Responses

  • What are your frequently asked questions?
    Once you identify your FAQ, you can begin to create the right kind of response to satisfy the customer.
  • Include the right information
    Ideally, your predefined response should satisfy your customer, albeit temporarily. Include all relevant information to help them.
  • Keep it short and to the point
    Make sure your response is short but effective to fulfil the customer’s needs, without confusion.
  • Personalise your responses
    By using a personalised canned response, the customer feels special, meaning they’ll stick around for longer.
  • Always use a CTA
    Don’t miss out on the opportunity to use a call to action in your template response. This helps customers along the buyer’s journey.

Canned Response Examples and Why They are Useful

Don’t know where to begin when using template responses? This section explains why these responses are useful, and when to use them.