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Security Incident Response

Our expert team is ready to provide a quick and efficient Security Incident Response in case of a security breach. With our expertise and experience, we will handle and resolve the situation promptly, ensuring your business’s data security.

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About advanced incident response planning

Security Incident Response

Before an incident occurs, our security experts work with your team to create a comprehensive plan designed specifically for your business – empowering your organization to recover faster, regain trust, and minimize downtime due to a cybersecurity incident.

In the case of a security incident or perceived incident, our team is ready to respond to get your business operational, give you a clear picture of what happened, and ensure that future risks are resolved.

Our Approach to protect your business

Cyber74 takes the defense in depth

Setting up an appropriate security incident response plan is more important than ever. The Cyber74 incident response team is on alert 24/7 to take action in the event of a suspicious alert, reported threat, or known breach. Our layered security approach ensures your organization is well-protected and managed – no matter what.

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Various Types of Security Incidents as Classified

Before we dive deeper into how Cyber74 can assist with a personalized security incident response plan, it’s important for you to understand exactly what types of cybersecurity incidents might occur and how impactful they can be.

There are four main cybersecurity incidents that can impact virtually any business. You should be prepared to react to these incidents, as they can lead to data breaches, leakage, and negative perceptions about the security of your organization.

Cyber74 directly assesses the following security incidents to ensure you’re protected against the most common cyberattacks.

Internal Security Breach or Inside Risks

One method to help keep employee-level information safe is instituting a zero-trust security policy that includes multi-factor identification, recurring firewall logins, and a deeper lockdown of privileged data, based on information accessibility. Cyber74 can partner with your internal IT team or Managed Service Provider to help you create a secure environment.

Malware Infection

Malware typically comes as a digital infection that targets your computer infrastructure and tries to cripple operations.

Both malware and ransomware are particularly harmful as they can quickly cause enough of a security breach to allow cybercriminals to access private data, including client payment details, or even prevent you from getting into your files as they have free reign over your systems.

Phishing Threats

The Cyber74 team can help your team put a response process in place to safeguard not only your business and employees but also your customers and their data.

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The Four Steps of CYBER74 Incident Response

When it comes to how your company can safeguard itself against cyber-attacks, a proper cybersecurity incident response plan should contain multiple steps to ensure proper comprehensive mitigation.

We believe in bringing the defenses and mature security programs previously only available to State and Federal Governments, large banks, and Fortune 5000 companies to the critical organizations that provide for the free society we enjoy who are the most vulnerable to cyberattacks.

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