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Security Assessment and Testing

Are you concerned about the security of your business? Our team provides highly effective Security Assessment and Testing services to protect your assets from potential threats. Trust us to keep your online presence secure and safe.

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Testing & analyzing
your infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities.
About Advanced Risk Assessment

Security Assessment and Testing

It’s important to execute a security risk assessment to ensure your technologies are equipped to respond and protect against cyber threats. This ensures that your infrastructure is free of gaps or weaknesses where infiltration could occur.

The Cyber74 Advanced Risk Assessment provides you with a high-level analysis of your network’s weaknesses, identifying vulnerabilities, and remediating/mitigating the gaps—allowing you to be proactive in protecting your organization.


Cybersecurity Assessment and Testing Services

Application Vulnerability Assessment
Certain applications are more vulnerable to cyberattacks than others, so this type of assessment evaluates how secure your infrastructure is based on the applications and programs used, from internet browsers to firewall managers.
Enterprise Security Assessment
By definition, a company’s enterprise includes the entire system that powers your infrastructure, including the network, servers, host locations, and other managerial aspects. Security assessment services simply go in and test how vulnerable they are.
Host-Based Security Assessment
A more specific method of IT security risk assessment, this checks the actual hosting locations of your entire infrastructure, from servers to employee workstations. This part of the security assessment process is to eliminate human error vulnerability, among others.
Network-Based Security Assessment
Network connections and endpoints are common places for an attacker to target, this assessment will simulates an incursion or penetration through your firewall is a great way to test infrastructure strength.
Physical Security Assessment
Not only does a cyber-vulnerability assessment cover all of your technology, but we also look at the human components of a company, including staff trained to respond to incidents, the procedures, and the physical space that houses equipment.
How we engage an advanced security assessment

How Cyber74 conducts security assessments and testing

It can be difficult to conduct a cyber-security self-assessment without all the right tools, previous experience, and even with the lack of an outside perspective. That’s why our security assessment checklist includes the following steps to hit every point of possible weakness.

Benefits of using cybersecurity risk assessment services

Get complete protection for your business

Accelerate Information Security Testing and Results with Cyber74

Protect your company’s assets, revenue, and clientele information by completing a security assessment today— not only for your own peace of mind, but also for the customer base who values a business that keeps its confidential details’ safety at the front and center of all considerations.

We deliver complex security
with common sense and clarity

Every element of cybersecurity can be connected to a key business need. We bring the technical security knowledge and the business expertise to translate complexity into clarity. Cyber74 steers away from the challenges that inhibit most cybersecurity strategies from being successful.

We deliver solutions not commonly available
to small and mid-market organizations

Enterprise organizations spend over 4x per employee on cybersecurity solutions compared to small and mid-sized businesses. Yet, the small and mid-markets are now bigger targets than enterprise companies. Cyber74 levels the playing field by offering true advanced security with a focus on value.

We provide a security program that
combines breadth and depth

Programs and services from Cyber74 address over 50 areas of cybersecurity protection. We treat each area as a specialty to ensure your strategy is highly effective and comprehensive.

We build deep relationships, leading to better
understanding and more effective protection

Humans can be the biggest point of vulnerability and the biggest strategic advantage in cybersecurity. Our industry-leading hiring, development, and management strategy of-fers a unique market edge to every Cyber74 client.

We deliver real cybersecurity

Don’t settle for less.

We believe in bringing the defenses and mature security programs previously only available to State and Federal Governments, large banks, and Fortune 5000 companies to the critical organizations that provide for the free society we enjoy who are the most vulnerable to cyberattacks.

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What our clients say about Cyber74

protect your business
protect your business
protect your business
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program that protects your business.
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