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Enhanced Penetration Assessments

Explore Cyber74’s array of advanced penetration testing services designed to fortify your security posture. Our solutions not only enhance the protection of your existing and prospective clients, but also offer robust testing alternatives that seamlessly blend with your services post-assessment. Elevate your security game with Cyber74’s comprehensive security testing options.

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Consider these offerings as stepping stones—an evolution as straightforward as advancing from your freshman to sophomore year in high school, and beyond. As you navigate through the following phases, you’re constructing a more robust security groundwork.

We’re here to support you every step of the way, ensuring your digital landscape stays safe and secure.


Cyber74 Services as a Penetration Testing Company

We provide unmatched penetration testing to ensure your organization is always protected.

This is your foundational, entry-level external penetration assessment. Chances are you’ve already completed an essential penetration test, but this revamped test is designed for compliance with cyber insurance requirements or industry best practices.

This is where most folks should start their journey. This bundle combines a basic external and internal penetration test, vulnerability scans, and Active Directory attack mapping, giving you a 360-degree view of your environment.
This phase entails conducting a comprehensive assessment of your environment. It encompasses everything from the ’Best Practice’ phase, plus a more rigorous assessment of initial access routes, phishing incidents, and a deeper scrutiny of cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.
This is the premium bundle, encompassing advanced external and internal penetration testing. Designed for security-savvy organizations assessing critical security controls, it provides immediate feedback on aspects such as anti-virus systems, SIEM tools, data-loss prevention measures, password strength assessments, and additional features.
*Select any of these choices
External Testing
Internal Testing
Remediation Portal for Tracking Progress
Delivery and Debrief Call to Discuss Findings
Advanced Cloud Enumeration and Exploitation
Phishing or Vishing Test
Phishing Payload Simulation
Data Exfiltration Assessments
PW Audit
URL Filtering
AV Assessment
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Cyber74’s Key Steps to Penetration Testing Services

Plan and Prepare

All penetration testing services start with a scoping call to better understand your goals and objectives. Cyber74 will then ask a series of questions to better understand your environment to prepare a unique and highly tailored proposal to each customer.

Kick Off Call
After the proposal has been accepted, the engagement is handed to the assessment team and a kickoff call is scheduled where your engineer will go over the scheduled dates, assessment goals, methodology and customer responsibilities. Any exceptions to testing and other concerns are addressed at this point. Contact information is exchanged with your engineer and they can be reached anytime during the assessment windows to confirm if any activity seen is related to testing.


Reconnaissance against the target(s) is performed to gather as much information as possible to be utilized during the vulnerability analysis and exploitation phases.

Vulnerability Analysis

Vulnerability analysis is the process of discovering flaws & misconfigurations in systems and applications which can be leveraged by an attacker. Unlike a traditional vulnerability scan, Cyber74’s penetration testing services also assesses how multiple flaws or vulnerabilities can be chained together to accomplish the assessment goals.


Cyber74 will attempt to exploit identified misconfigurations, flaws and vulnerabilities to demonstrate the impact of an attacker targeting your organization. Cyber74’s skilled and experienced penetration testers take a conservative approach to exploitation to avoid any impact to your production systems.


Cyber74 will deliver a report that includes an Executive Summary along with in-depth technical information about every attack, vulnerability and detailed recommendations for any issues found.

Penetration Testing

Result-Driven Penetration Testing Across The North America

Everyone is at risk of being involved in a cyberattack. With the help from our advanced response team, you’ll be secure and prepared for any incident.

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We believe in bringing the defenses and mature security programs previously only available to State and Federal Governments, large banks, and Fortune 5000 companies to the critical organizations that provide for the free society we enjoy who are the most vulnerable to cyberattacks.

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