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Deploy Control. Reduce Risk.

The Strongest Element in Cybersecurity

Cyber74 gives your business complete and dynamic cybersecurity solutions that
are extraordinarily strong and dependable.

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Challenges faced by businesses

Is your business prepared for a Cyberattack?

New cyberthreats are emerging every day, penetrating even the most highly secured networks. And they’re not just targeting corporate giants, hackers have small- and medium-sized businesses on their radar, too. 

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Our Approch to protect your business

Cyber74 takes the defense in depth

Cyber74 takes the defense in depth approach so that our clients receive complete and dynamic cybersecurity solutions that are extraordinarily strong and dependable.

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What can Cyber74 do for you?

Our multi-tiered cybersecurity solutions ensure your entire IT infrastructure
is protected at all times.

Managed Security Services
Receive comprehensive cybersecurity services for your organization from a team of industry experts.
Security Incident Response
A team of experts are on call to address and initiate recovery in the case of a security incident.
Assessments and Testing
Understand your security posture against accepted standards and receive support to enhance.
Cybersecurity Audits
A comprehensive analysis and review of your IT infrastructure, including detection of vulnerabilities and threats.
Penetration Testing
Simulate an attack on your organization and uncover risks to better determine areas of improvement.
Breach Remediation
Address, mitigate, and isolate the potential damage of a breach with a structured process and response team.
Litigation Support
Understand the impact of a breach and how to resolve it with trusted cybersecurity experts.
Malware and Threat Detection
Analyze your entire IT infrastructure to detect any malicious activity and neutralize any potential threats.
Endpoint Detection & Response
An integrated endpoint security solution that will monitor your data in real-time with response and analysis capabilities.
What makes cyber74 unique

Our key principles

When you bring us on board to protect your business, we will take care of your cybersecurity.

  • We combine the breadth of comprehensive security with the depth of enterprise-level expertise to bring best-in-class protection to small and mid-sized businesses.
  • We build deep relationships, leading to better understanding and more effective protection.
  • We deliver complex security with common sense and clarity.
Awards & Recognition

Who we protect?

Our multi-tiered cybersecurity solutions ensure your entire IT infrastructure
is protected at all times.


Cybercriminals are targeting government entities of all sizes – and becoming more sophisticated in their approaches. Governments need to protect their critical infrastructure, people, and data. Cybersecurity services are critical to ensure protection and the well-being of our society.

Healthcare organizations

Patient data and compliance regulations are top of mind for healthcare organizations. Partnering with a team of cybersecurity experts will help healthcare organizations operate smoothly and securely.

Small & medium-sized businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses are being targeted by cybercriminals in a way we’ve never seen before. Protect your business, customers, and data from growing cybersecurity threats with comprehensive security solutions.

Message from CEO

We believe in bringing the defenses and mature security programs previously only available to State and Federal Governments, large banks, and Fortune 5000 companies to the critical organizations that provide for the free society we enjoy who are the most vulnerable to cyberattacks.


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